No one knows how they look like, no one thinks how they work. They are dangerous, there are many of them and they are all around us. It is they who lead your actions and deeds. They'll take you prisoner, take possession of your brain and body.

They ignore your ideas, aspirations and desires. They set limits and restrictions. They do not want freedom of choice - they will make the choice for you. It is specifically they who will dictate their terms to you and will impose their views.

They need you to not stand out, be common and disappear in the gray mass, continuing to follow their instructions. We're talking about stereotypes.

Our valiant сreative agency poollooq team encounters them every day. We see how they lure people in their nets more and more actively. How they don't let people fly in the clouds, prohibit to do crazy things, do not let them jump over head.

But we know how to resist them. Yes, stereotypes are cruel and insidious. But there are no invulnerable enemies. Creative design, original ideas, innovative solutions these are our tools which destroy them.

You are under their power? Do they influence you? But you have decided to finally do away with them?! Contact us - and we will destroy your stereotypes.

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